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DriveClub is Officially Coming to PS VR at Launch

DriveClub is Officially Coming to PS VR at Launch

Start your engines because DriveClub VR is officially happening for PS VR on PlayStation 4. It’s been talked about and rumored for months and we now have official confirmation from both the Japanese PlayStation Blog and a former Evolution Studios developer that DriveClub VR is not only a real thing, but that it will be available at launch on PS VR.

Well, at least in Japan it will.

We haven’t seen confirmation from Sony’s US or EU counterparts about whether or not DriveClub VR is making its way to other regions on launch day, but it seems awfully likely. We already found out that Gran Turismo Sport will be available at launch with PS VR support, meaning that two of PlayStation’s biggest exclusive brands, which also happen to be gorgeous racing simulators, are officially coming to VR.

It’s no secret that seated, racing games translate extremely well to the immersive medium of VR. Project CARS is already used to help train actual drivers, DiRT Rally on the Oculus Rift is superb, and now DriveClub VR will hopefully join the ranks of excellent racing games in VR.

Additionally, it’s been revealed that “a collection of brand new tracks” is coming to the PS VR exclusive racing game, according to DriveClub’s former game director, Paul Rustchynsky. DriveClub includes great social features and some of the most crisp and realistic environments in the genre. Since Evolution Studios’ closure earlier this year, fans were doubting the potential of DriveClub VR, but thankfully it’s actually happening. Unfortunately, the prospect of MotorStorm VR is about as close to non-existent as you can get.

The PlayStation VR launches globally on October 13th, marking Sony’s first ever global hardware launch. You can expect more details about DriveClub VR as we get closer to the launch date over the next few months.


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