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'Dreams' from Media Molecule may be on its way to Playstation VR

'Dreams' from Media Molecule may be on its way to Playstation VR

Dreams, the stunning looking dream creation game from the creators of Little Big Planet, appears to be on its way to the Playstation VR system.

During a livestreamed developer session on Twitch and Youtube a member of the Neogaf forums, danlord, noticed something very familiar on one of Media Molecule’s desks, a Sony Morpheus Playstation VR headset. While the presence of the headset does not necessarily guarantee that the game is coming to the headset, all signs are pointing towards it being so.

Dreams playstation vr media molecule

Earlier this year, the studio’s co-founder Alex Evans and creative director Mark Healy spoke with Engadget about VR support for ‘Dreams.’  While the two did not outright confirm support for the headset they did hint at it very heavily, “It’s an obvious thing to do,” Healy told Engadget. Evans further added, “Let’s just say Anton Mikhailov, who helped build the first-ever Morpheus prototype, is at Molecule now. … So I’ll leave it at that.”

According to the Engadget piece the company said to stay tuned for Paris Games Week, which is later this month, for more information. We have reached out to the company for comment, and will update this article when we hear back.

‘Dreams’ appears to be a game which is perfectly suited for VR. A place where one’s imagination is free to run wild and creation is possible. If ‘Dreams’ were to make it to VR it could quite easily become one of, if not the, killer experiences for the Playstation VR system.

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