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Sony’s VR ‘Dreams’ are coming true

Sony’s VR ‘Dreams’ are coming true

Microsoft owns Minecraft, Google has Tilt Brush, Facebook is building Oculus Medium and now it’s official Sony’s Playstation VR will have Dreams.

The gorgeous creativity engine inside Dreams from Media Molecule, Sony’s England-based creativity-focused studio responsible for LittleBigPlanet, is officially coming to the PlayStation VR headset.

In a Twitch stream Media Molecule has been showing how the creativity tools inside Dreams work and the trailer for the game gives a look at the beautiful things that can be created in the game:

The game also works with the PlayStation 4 on a traditional TV which, along with a slew of other titles confirmed for PlayStation VR this week, makes it seem like Sony’s quietly developing plan to turn the PS4 into the ultimate machine for virtual reality is finally coming together. Gran Turismo coming to VR represents a top tier racing simulation game and PlayStation VR is also getting highly anticipated space-fighting game EVE Valkyrie, along with Oculus.

With a unique creativity title of its own, PlayStation VR’s suite of applications being planned at least matches if not exceeds the known lineup for other systems. Plus, Sony’s console-based approach to gaming means many of the titles being planned for PSVR should be great games on a traditional TV, with some even allowing multiplayer between a person in a headset and others playing with traditional controllers on the TV.

In contrast, Oculus and Valve are prepping PC-based solutions that people don’t always connect to their living room  TV. Oculus is teaming with Microsoft to bring traditional Xbox One games into a virtual theater and is also planning Oculus Arcade to carry a number of playable classic arcade cabinets, extending the capabilities of the Oculus platform into traditional games. Valve’s strength lies in its Steam platform of thousands of games, which buyers getting Vive are likely to be deeply invested in.

In other words, the three known VR platforms are all poised to take the existing paradigm of games played on a flat monitor and extend it substantially in different ways with VR — offering a compelling complementary package to gamers. It is unclear, however, how the launch lineup of applications for each VR system stacks up against one another. Titles like Dreams and Gran Turismo Sport are incredibly exciting ones to see coming to VR, but whether they will arrive at launch or on time in VR isn’t known, nor is the cost to equip a home with a complete Vive, Oculus or PlayStation VR system.

Regardless, I’m so much more excited for PlayStation VR now.




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