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‘Dragon Front’ Confirmed for Gear VR Release and Cross-Platform Multiplayer With Rift

‘Dragon Front’ Confirmed for Gear VR Release and Cross-Platform Multiplayer With Rift

When it comes to hotly anticipated VR games that still aren’t out yet, few reach the same level of excitement as High Voltage’s Dragon Front. After going hands-on with the game at GDC and spending the last several months talking with the team about how the rules work, the creation of a physical card game, and so much more, we just can’t wait to dive into the world and start amassing our armies.

Anyone that’s followed Dragon Front’s development sees the clear similarities between it and the other popular collectible-card games (CCGs) of the world such as Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, and even Yu-Gi-Oh!, with one clear difference: Dragon Front is designed exclusively for VR. And until today, it was a short list of headsets that supported the game; a list so short, it was only the Oculus Rift. Now, we’ve learned at an Oculus Mobile Update event in San Francisco, CA from Max Cohen, Oculus’ Head of Mobile, that Dragon Front is in fact coming to Gear VR.

Dragon Front will release in beta for Gear VR later this summer and feature fully compatible cross-platform multiplayer with the Oculus Rift version of the game. This means that regardless of whether you have just a Gear VR, just a Rift, or both, you can play multiplayer matches.

No other news was available on what will be different in the Gear VR version, other than the current lack of positional tracking, but this is big news for the free-to-play title. Right now, the biggest hurdle for VR gamers is that there just isn’t a huge user base to pull from when playing multiplayer games. But with over 1 million people playing on a Gear VR last month and a growing stable of Gear VR multiplayer games to pick from, hopefully that starts to change.

Dragon Front being free-to-play certainly won’t hurt.

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