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New Doom VR Mod Releasing Soon For Oculus Quest

New Doom VR Mod Releasing Soon For Oculus Quest

A new app is in development that will allow users to play Doom 64 in VR on the Oculus Quest, in a similar fashion to mods like Lambda1VR for Half-Life and Quake2Quest for Quake 2.

QuestZDoom will be the latest Oculus Quest mod that ports a classic game into VR with 6DoF. As you can see in the trailer embedded below, it looks pretty impressive and will be available to sideload entirely for free.

Are you ready for DOOM for Quest? QuestZDoom featuring Meatgrinder. from r/OculusQuest

You won’t even need to own a copy of the original game to play – the mod will use GzDoom, a source port of the original Doom game engine. If you don’t  own a copy of the original Doom games then the launcher will let you download FreeDoom. If you do have a copy of the original Doom game, you will be able to copy the files into the engine and use those for a more complete experience.

The release will feature 5 sets of VR weapons and a launcher that will allow you to mix and match different Doom mods with ease. There’s support for smooth locomotion and teleport movement options, plus you’ll be able to switch between a couple of different walking speeds for the former.

The person behind the mod is DrBeef, who has previously completed a number of well-known Quest ports and VR projects. He was behind the Lambda1VR mod for Oculus Quest, as well as QuakeQuest and many others.

On Reddit, a comment from someone working with DrBeef indicated that the team was polishing everything up and that a release could be expected within the next couple weeks.

Will you be checking out Doom on the Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below.

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