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Divine Duel Gets A Surprise Release Today On Quest

Divine Duel Gets A Surprise Release Today On Quest

Divine Duel, the competitive free-to-play 1v1 VR fighter from Immersion Games, launches today on Quest.

A mix of sci-fi and fantasy with “crazy weaponry,” Divine Duel is a big departure from Immersion’s previous VR games, Disc Ninja and Extreme Escape. Bringing us 1-on-1 duels in a realm called Evergarden, there’s four playable Celestials with unique abilities: Vaya the Bioalchemist, Arvald the Solid, Necra the Underqueen and Ishi the War Forger. Following January’s beta test on Quest, Immersion announced the release date through a new launch trailer.

Offering over 40 different weapons, Divine Duel places considerable focus on your character’s customizable loadout. Alongside merging weapons like staffs and swords into new combinations, magical creatures can also be summoned mid-fight to assist you. You can read the official description below:

Divine Duel is a tactical fighting game that mixes Fantasy and Sci-Fi themes to bring you a fresh take on PVP. Forget about ordinary weaponry and prepare to experience an outlandish arsenal that includes weaponized musical instruments, mythical creatures, and a meteor. The game combines fast-paced gameplay with a strategic layer, rewarding players for quick thinking and creative ideas. Duel others in a never-ending struggle for the fate of the Multiverse and prove that you have what it takes to win the Divine Duel.

Divine Duel is available now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab. A PC VR release via Steam is also planned, though a release date remains unconfirmed.

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