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DiRT Rally 2.0 Will Get Oculus Rift VR Support 'This Summer'

DiRT Rally 2.0 Will Get Oculus Rift VR Support 'This Summer'

Codemasters announced on Twitter that DiRT Rally 2.0 will get Oculus Rift VR support this summer.

The tweet shows an image of a Rift, no other headsets were mentioned, and states “@Oculus heard you”. This makes it likely exclusive to the Oculus platform.

DiRT rally 2.0 oculus rift

DiRT Rally 2.0 releases on 26th February- just over two weeks from now. It was announced back in September, but Codemasters stated multiple times they had no plans for VR support. Based on the wording of the tweet it seems Oculus have changed their mind- likely financially like with the original game.

The original DiRT Rally launched in late 2015. It got Oculus Rift support in summer 2016- just after the headset’s launch. Oculus funded this VR support, so it was not released to SteamVR headsets.

When we reviewed the game on Rift back in 2016 we were highly impressed- giving it a 9/10, concluding:

DiRT Rally VR is the new high water mark for VR racing games. It never shies away from the challenges of this new medium and consistently offers creative solutions to maintain both its functionality and its sense of fun. DiRT is able to remind you at every turn just how exciting, surprising, and enjoyable racing simulators in VR can truly be.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game got PSVR support in February 2017. This indicates the Oculus exclusitivity was only on PC. We were just as impressed when we reviewed this PSVR port, noting it played almost identically to on PC.

So while the wording of the tweet and history of the original game make it likely this will be Rift exclusive on PC, there’s still a good chance it will eventually come to PlayStation VR too. Regardless, we’re happy it’s getting VR support as it’s perfectly suited for it.

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