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Devolver Digital Teases VR Monster Game Ahead Of Full Reveal

Devolver Digital Teases VR Monster Game Ahead Of Full Reveal

Indie publisher Devolver Digital released a short teaser trailer for an upcoming VR game set to be revealed throughout the week.

Devolver first teased the announcement with a tweet saying they might “reveal a charming new VR game soon,” which was followed shortly by another tweet with a brief teaser trailer for an entirely new VR game.

The teaser is quaint and doesn’t give too much away, introducing us to the island of Lakalma and its cartoon-y buildings and residents. The video is narrated by a suspiciously good David Attenborough soundalike, who then reveals that the island of Lakalma is terrorised by a monster that looks like some kind of giant octopus.

Given the freeze frame at the end, pictured above, it seems like the premise of the game could be that you embody the octopus monster and terrorise the island and its residents. Sounds like fun to me!

Devolver Digital will be publishing the title, but the development team appears to be just one person – Simon Cubasch, aka Firepunchd. Looking back through Cubasch’s timeline, you can see a few more teasers of what he’s been working on, including this tweet showing him moving the octopus tentacles and manipulating a structure. Meanwhile this tweet shows him bashing some objects aside using the tentacles as well.

Devolver promised that more sneak peeks will arrive throughout the week before a full reveal, so keep your eyes out for more info on the game very soon.

Do you like the look of this new game from Devolver and Firepunchd? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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