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Fifth Demeo Adventure, Reign Of Madness, Available Now On Quest, PC VR

Fifth Demeo Adventure, Reign Of Madness, Available Now On Quest, PC VR

Demeo’s fifth adventure, Reign of Madness, is available now for players on Quest and PC VR.

Resolution Games says Reign of Madness is the “fifth and final chapter” in Demeo‘s Mad Elven King Saga and invites player “to the town of Ends where they have a chance to close the Rift Bridge and stop Rackarn once and for all.”

This fifth adventure for Demeo also adds a new playable character, Uhrak the Barbarian. We were able to go hands-on with Uhrak a few weeks ago and can confirm he’s an interesting new addition to the Demeo lineup. His hook weapon is what sets him apart from the rest of the playable characters, which he can use to quickly traverse longer distances across the map or pull enemies and allies towards him. 


The update also includes a new orchestral arrangement of the main Demeo theme and new music recorded and performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra specifically for the Reign of Madness adventure. While the Reign of Madness update is available today on Quest and PC VR, Pico players will have to wait a bit longer – Resolution says the Pico release is “to follow shortly.”

Resolution also revealed a new look at gameplay from the upcoming PvP mode for Demeo, now titled Demeo Battles – you can check out some Demeo Battles gameplay and our hands-on impressions here.

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