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Demeo To Get Hand Tracking Support For Quest

Demeo To Get Hand Tracking Support For Quest

Resolution Games confirms VR tabletop dungeon crawler, Demeo, is to receive hand tracking support for the Quest platform.

Resolution Games told UploadVR that Demeo will receive hand tracking support on the Quest platform, with the studio stating: “More mixed reality features are coming in the future [to Demeo], including hand-tracking.”

Hand tracking uses the headset cameras to track hand movements allowing users to play controller-free. The quality of the Quest’s hand tracking feature has come a long way since it was first launched back in late 2019, with significant updates already rolled out and more planned to improve overall tracking reliability.

The studio has yet to confirm exactly how Demeo will use the hand tracking feature (nor has the studio confirmed which specific Quest models will get the feature) but it will presumably allow players to use their hands for navigating in-game menus, moving game pieces, holding cards, and rolling the dice. This latest news comes as Demeo receives mixed reality support on the Quest Pro and Quest 2. The new mixed reality feature blends the real world with the digital by using the Quest’s passthrough mode to place the Demeo game board in the physical environment.

In mixed reality, the virtual board can snap to any real-life surface and dice react to the boundaries of your mapped room. The addition of the upcoming hand tracking update should provide an additional layer of immersion that will bring Demeo closer than ever to a real-life board game experience.

While Demeo’s mixed reality mode and upcoming hand tracking support are currently only for the Quest platform, the award-winning tabletop game can also be played using PC VR, Rift, Pico 4, and in PC flat-screen mode. Demeo is also set to arrive on PS5 and PSVR2 in 2023.

Article updated shortly after publication to clarify that Resolution Games hasn’t said which specific Quest models will get the feature.

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