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Demeo's Next Adventure, Reign of Madness, Arrives On December 15

Demeo's Next Adventure, Reign of Madness, Arrives On December 15

Resolution Games confirms its next Demeo campaign, Reign of Madness, arrives next month on Quest and PC VR.

Available from December 15, Reign of Madness is a free update to the VR tabletop dungeon crawler, where you’ll defeat the resurrected Mad Elven King and stop Rackarn “once and for all.” It marks Demeo’s fifth adventure since launch. Alongside the initial campaign, The Black Sarcophagus, there’s been three previous expansions; Realm of the Rat King, Roots of Evil, and Curse of the Serpent Lord

“In the town of Ends, people have lived off the sea for centuries in peaceful harmony with nature. After a sudden quake a few days ago, terrifying creatures crawled up into the streets near the central square,” Resolution states in its story outline. “Now, Ends is a place where death and corruption flood the alleys. No one is safe. Rálma calls for your help to battle whatever has emerged from below, hinting that maybe there is an end in sight.”

Reign of Madness includes several changes, adding new NPCs like ‘The Beggar.’ More prominently, this updates introduces the Barbarian class and Demeo’s next playable hero, Uhrak. A former pit fighter famed for his brutality, Resolution describes him as being “an indestructible force of pure rage,” wielding the “Hook of Varga” in combat.

Demeo is available now on PC VR and the Meta Quest platform, and it’s currently part of the Quest Black Friday sale. Reign of Madness arrives on December 15 for free, following last month’s mixed reality update. Further updates, like hand tracking support on Quest and a PSVR 2 release next year, are also confirmed.

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