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Demeo VR Players Will Receive PC Version For Free Next Month

Demeo VR Players Will Receive PC Version For Free Next Month

Resolution Games announced pricing details for the PC flatscreen edition of Demeo, set to release next month, and it’s good news for everybody.

Anyone who owns the existing VR version of Demeo, on any platform, will receive a version of the PC edition for free. Likewise, anyone who buys the PC edition will also receive a copy of the VR version for free.

In short, any purchase of either the VR or PC version of the game also grants you access to the other version for free. One purchase, both versions of the game.

This applies retroactively to those who bought Demeo VR before the launch of the PC version next month, and will continue to apply to all future purchases.

Plus, all versions of the game support cross-play and progression syncing. Your progression will sync between the VR and PC edition, and you’ll be able to team up with friends regardless of whether they’re playing flatscreen or in VR.

Players will receive the PC edition of the game on the same platform that they own the VR edition on, or vice versa. Those who own the VR version of Demeo on SteamVR will receive a free version of the PC copy in their Steam library at launch. Those who own Demeo on the Oculus Store for Rift or on Quest will receive their free copy of the PC version via the Oculus Rift app on Windows.

While there’s cross-play support across all platforms, progression will only sync across the same platform — Quest progression will sync to the PC version on the Rift app, for example, but won’t sync to the PC version on Steam if you bought a separate copy there, and vice versa.

Demeo was one of our favorite games from last year — you can read why in our full review here.

Demeo: PC Edition launches April 7 via Steam Early Access and is available to wishlist now.

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