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You Can Play Demeo In Mixed Reality On Quest Pro From October 25

You Can Play Demeo In Mixed Reality On Quest Pro From October 25

Resolution Games shared footage of an update coming to Demeo on October 25 that adds support for a mixed reality mode on both Quest Pro and Quest 2.

The mixed reality mode is enabled by the Quest platform’s passthrough mode, which uses the headset cameras to display your real world surroundings in VR. Users can then place the Demeo game board around the environment or on top of a surface to play on.

On Quest 2, the passthrough view used for mixed reality experiences is limited by the headset’s hardware, displaying as a low resolution and grayscale image. However, Demeo will also be playable in high resolution and full color passthrough on Quest Pro, thanks to the headset’s upgraded cameras.

You can take a look at what Demeo will look like in mixed reality on Quest Pro in the footage embedded above. Players will have the option of placing the board around their environment or snapping it to a real surface, pictured below.

After much teasing and speculation over the last year, Meta announced Quest Pro earlier today during its annual Connect conference. Demeo isn’t the only mixed reality experience coming to the headset from an established title either – Schell Games also announced I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home, a mini-mission mixed reality experience releasing later this month.

Demeo’s mixed reality update will be available for free on Quest 2 and Quest Pro from October 25, which is also the launch day for the latter headset. You can read our hands-on impressions of Quest Pro here.

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