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Demeo's Next Campaign, Curse Of The Serpent Lord, Arrives June 16

Demeo's Next Campaign, Curse Of The Serpent Lord, Arrives June 16

Resolution Games unveiled a teaser for its next Demeo campaign, titled Curse of the Serpent Lord, which is arriving soon.

The new campaign will arrive on June 16, available as a free update on all platforms. It will be the fourth campaign for the game, following on from the initial launch campaign, The Black Sarcophagus, and subsequent expansions, Realm of the Rat King and Roots of Evil.

Demeo Serpent Lord

There’s no other details available about Curse of the Serpent Lord besides the image above, but safe to say we can expect to hear more across the next few weeks before launch.

Demeo saw great success on release last year and we loved it, calling it a “near-peerless social VR experience” in our review and awarding it the titles of Best Co-op Multiplayer, Best PC VR Game and Game of the Year in our Best of 2021 awards. Since then, Resolution Games has expanded the game out with extra campaigns, a social hub area, and a flatscreen PC version of the game that offers cross-play with VR platforms.

The most recent campaign, Roots of Evil, took us to a slightly different enviornment from the first two campaigns and added a new class, the Bard. Here’s an extract from our hands-on:

If you loved what was on offer with Demeo’s base launch and Realm of the Rat King expansion, there’s little reason not to jump into Roots of Evil. There’s enough new twists here to give your party of 4 some welcome new challenges, and it’s great to see the game quite literally branching out (sorry) into new territory. VR’s best social gaming experience just keeps getting better.

You can read our full impressions here.

We can’t wait to see how Curse of the Serpent Lord developers Demeo further. Keep an eye out for more details soon.

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