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Watch First Trailer For Demeo Battles, Rolling Onto Quest & PC VR Later This Year

Watch First Trailer For Demeo Battles, Rolling Onto Quest & PC VR Later This Year

Demeo Battles will launch later this year, offering PvP action as a standalone release for $19.99.

Resolution Games premiered the first full trailer for Demeo Battles during the pre-show for today's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. The trailer gave us a new look at Demeo Battle's PvP gameplay, which features some familiar heroes and locations.

Announced back in December 2021, Battles was initially set to release as a new mode for Demeo in a free update to the base game. However, Resolution Games said last month that Battles would now arrive as a standalone game, separate to the base Demeo co-op tabletop adventure offering.

Resolution confirmed today that you'll be able to play 1v1 or 2v2 against your friends, with each side selecting two heroes, actions cards and monsters for their own personal army. You'll have to use considered positioning and Demeo's familiar turn-based tactics to turn the tide against the enemy, all while avoiding 'The Burn', a ever-encroaching lava that grows larger with each turn.

Battles maps will "revisit familiar Demeo environments" such as the Elven Necropolis and Ronth Desert, with new layouts designed specifically for PvP action.

We went hands-on with Demeo Battles last year – here's a snippet of what we thought:

It’s a short, sweet and engaging new mode that will be a fantastic addition to Demeo’s multiplayer offering. While Demeo is one of our favorite social VR experiences, the regular co-op mode is on the longer side, even with mid-campaign saves. Battles looks set to be the perfect, bite-sized alternative, offering a quicker head-to-head option when you don’t have time for the full flagship Demeo experience.

You can read more in our Demeo Battles preview.

Battles will launch for Quest and Steam later this year for $19.99, with support for both flatscreen and VR modes on the latter.

When asked about a Demeo Battles release on Pico or PSVR 2, Resolution said that Steam and Quest are the only platforms it is discussing at the moment and that "nothing further is being announced at this time."

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