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Demeo Battles: PvP Mode Launches 2023 – Gameplay & Impressions Here

Demeo Battles: PvP Mode Launches 2023 – Gameplay & Impressions Here

Demeo is getting a new PvP mode called Demeo Battles in 2023. We’ve already gone hands-on – check out our impressions and some footage below. 

Resolution first announced Demeo’s PvP mode almost exactly a year ago, initially slated for a 2022 launch. While that window has passed, today Resolution shared some footage of Demeo’s PvP mode (now titled Demeo Battles) in their first showcase presentation, alongside announcing a revised 2023 release window. 

While a regular Demeo co-op adventure is a somewhat lengthy endeavour, PvP matches in Demeo Battles are much shorter affairs. Battles take place on a smaller, condensed map, with support for up to four players split across two teams that go head-to-head.

A few weeks ago at the Resolution’s Stockholm offices, we went hands-on with the new Demeo Battles mode and just like the rest of Demeo, it’s an absolute blast. 

As you can see in the footage above, a match of Demeo Battles begins with each player picking a regular Demeo hero to play as, after which each player prepares for battle by spending an allocated amount of coins between cards to use during the fight and recruiting AI-controlled monsters (many of which you’ll recognise from Demeo’s five existing campaigns) to fight beside them on their team. 

After the draft is over, the match begins and plays out surprisingly similar to any other game of Demeo. Just like in the regular co-op modes, players will take turns moving around the board, lighting up segments of the dungeon to locate the enemy team and rolling for attacks. Between player turns, each team’s AI monsters will also make moves, adding some extra pressure.

Attacks on the enemy team grant your team points, visible on the side of the board. If both players on one team die during the match, the the other team wins. If at least one player on both teams survives until the end of the 5-minute round, then the team with the higher score will be crowned victorious. 

It’s a short, sweet and engaging new mode that will be fantastic addition to Demeo’s multiplayer offering. While Demeo is one of favorite social VR experiences, the regular co-op mode is on the longer side, even with mid-campaign saves. Battles looks set to be the perfect, bite-sized alternative, offering a quicker head-to-head option when you don’t have time for the full flagship Demeo experience.

Resolution Games announced Demeo PvP in December 2021 as a new mode for Demeo, as part of base game’s 2022 roadmap. We reached out to Resolution Games to confirm that when it launches in 2023, Demeo Battles will release a free update for Demeo. Resolution provided no further comment other than stating there will be “more details to come” further down the line.

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