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Deisim Moving From App Lab To Quest Store On September 1

Deisim Moving From App Lab To Quest Store On September 1

God sandbox title Deisim is moving to a full store release on Quest after being available for more than a year on App Lab.

Deisim gives you the power of a god, ruling down on your subjects from above and granting them new materials and titles of land to progress their civilization. As their cities scale up, you’ll watch and help your subjects progress from the stone age up to the industrial revolution.

The game has been around for quite a while now, initially launching for PC VR in 2018. It then came to Quest first via sideloading and SideQuest in the pre-App Lab days. When Meta launched its App Lab service for Quest in early 2021, Deisim was one of the first 14 apps available on the platform, alongside other notable titles like Puzzling Places and Smash Drums.

More than a year on, Deisim is joining the ranks of its fellow early App Lab graduates and moving to a full Quest Store release on September 1. The game will be available to purchase on App Lab until August 22, after which it will become unavailable for a brief period until the full launch in September.

Existing owners on App Lab will automatically receive a copy of Deisim on the Quest store on release, as well as the PC VR version on the Oculus Store for PC VR as well. Likewise, cross-buy support means Oculus Store PC VR owners will receive a copy of the Quest version on release and vice versa.

Despite the move to the official Quest Store, Deisim’s price will remain the same as it has been on App Lab, available for $14.99. Developer Tommy Maloteaux says that several content updates for Deisim are also on the way, with an update featuring pirates set to release later this year in November.

Deisim is available now for Quest, PC VR and Pico platforms.

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