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'Defy Distance' Is The New Mission Of Oculus

'Defy Distance' Is The New Mission Of Oculus

Facebook’s VR leader Hugo Barra announced a clarified mission for Oculus at the 5th VR developer conference from the social media giant.

“Defy Distance” is the mission for employees at Facebook building VR headsets and software, as explained by Barra during Oculus Connect 5.

In the same way that “don’t be evil” and “move fast and break things” are phrases which help unite a team in a common goal, “defy distance” instantly gets across exactly what VR does well and how Facebook intends to build around it.

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, who heads up both AR and VR for Facebook, introduced Barra by recapping the history of technology and how it is the story of humans trying to connect to one another. So while Bosworth appears to be heading up the larger effort by Facebook to profit from connecting people in both AR and VR, Barra’s mission with Oculus appears to be more focused on the idea of destroying distance.

What do you think? Is ‘defy distance” the new rallying cry for VR developers?

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