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VR Arcade Racer 'Death Lap' Releases On Oculus Quest And Rift Today

VR Arcade Racer 'Death Lap' Releases On Oculus Quest And Rift Today

OZWE Games’ newest release, Death Lap, is out today on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift with crossplay. The game had previously been listed under ‘Coming Soon’ on the Oculus Store without a set release date.

The new title from OZWE Games, published by Oculus Studios, is a first-person arcade racer and shooter in VR. If that sounds a bit chaotic, that’s probably intentional – take a look at the interview below and you’ll see some of the frenetic action you can expect from the game.

Death Lap will see you balance racing while you also shooting weapons and managing constant combat. David Jagneaux went hands-on with the game earlier this year and had a good time. Here’s an extract of his thoughts:

“There are some limited power-ups you’ll come across, but for the most part every vehicle is installed with their own custom weapons so each time you race in a new car it’s a different experience. For my demo I picked the one with a rocket launcher. Trying to drive well and stay in the lead while simultaneously looking around to aim rockets and shoot ahead of vehicles, leading them, to get the splash damage of the explosion just right, felt really good and fun.”

The Death Lap release date announcement also came with an awesome piece of key art for the game. While we’ve made it the header image for the post, it’s worth embedding below as well just to marvel at:

death lap

Will you be picking up Death Lap? Let us know in the comments.

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