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Dead Second Update Brings New Levels & Many More Features

Dead Second Update Brings New Levels & Many More Features

An update for bullet time shooter Dead Second brings two new levels, manual reloading and much more.

Dead Second launched late last year in early access for Quest via App Lab, offering a mixture of arcade cover shooter and bullet time slow-mo gameplay. However, a new update available now brings a bunch of new content and requested features.

There’s two new levels, Broadcast and Chemical Conflict, bringing the game’s total to eight. There’s also a new firing range, where you can practice you shooting, earn some extra money and compete on leaderboards by completing challenges.

There’s now also an option to use manual reloading, letting you grab ammo from over your shoulder and insert it into your weapon. If one weapon isn’t enough for you, how about two? Dual wielding is now an option across all levels. Gun skins have been added to the shop as well, and you can now purchase a second gun of the same type.

All weapon models have been updated to support the new ammo magazines, along with increased overall detail and improved textures. Muzzle flashes have also been updated and improved to look more realistic as well.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also now 23 achievements, daily rewards and new leaderboard combinations for you to work through. To round this update out, there’s a number of other improvements to audio, ragdolls and existing levels. Plus, if you have bHaptics hardware,  you’ll be happy to hear that Dead Second added support for that too.

With all this new stuff coming to the game, Spunge Games is putting up the game’s price to $19.99 within the week. However, the existing $11.99 price is still available until then — if you’re interested, you can check out Dead Second on App Lab now.

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