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Dead And Buried II: Reloaded Brings New Modes And Maps To The Western VR Shooter

Dead And Buried II: Reloaded Brings New Modes And Maps To The Western VR Shooter

Dead and Buried II: Reloaded is a big, free update to the Oculus Rift and Quest-exclusive VR shooter that introduces a series of new game modes, maps, and more to the Western-themed VR shooter.

Dead and Buried II released in 2019 for both Rift and Quest and quickly fizzled out in terms of popularity. Now, almost a year later, it’s getting a big update that adds a host of new features to try and draw people back in.

This update will add three brand new game modes: Survival, Horde, and Quickdraw. In Survival, you and three other players have to try and survive as you collect energy orbs to progress through large maps. For this mode there are three new maps as well: Fort, Canyon, and Alpine. The destruction sounds similar to the popular zombies game mode found in many Call of Duty games.

The other two game modes, Quickdraw and Horde, are “back by popular demand” according a prepared statement as carryovers from the original Dead and Buried that launched with Oculus Touch back in late 2016.

Quickdraw is exactly what it sounds like: this is a 1v1 stand-off against another player in the middle of the Old West-themed main town area. Horde on the other hand is similar to the new Survival mode, as it is another co-op mode across a series of maps.

Developers are also adding four new maps to Shootout, making it seven total for this multi-team mode, as well as two new maps to the Deathmatch mode, also equaling seven total for this mode.

Finally, there is now a character select screen, two new characters, five new weapons, and character customization for added variety.

The Dead and Buried II: Reloaded update launches for free today on both Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. You can get the game now, if you don’t own it already for $19.99 with full crossplay and cross-buy support across both headsets. You can read more about the update over on the Oculus blog.

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