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Datavized Uses WebVR To Map Information Across All Devices

Datavized Uses WebVR To Map Information Across All Devices

Datavized is a VR startup with a data visualization platform designed to display across all devices using WebVR.

Right now Datavized needs geographically-coded data to represent on a globe that it displays across all devices, with a drag and drop tool to turn spreadsheets into interactive 3D maps. The software can still accept spreadsheets without geo data but it isn’t shown the same way across all devices right now.

The company is developing tools so it works with “tabular, delimiter-separated values (i.e CSV, TSV, DSV files) or JSON data, copied-and-pasted texts from other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Google Spreadsheets, TextEdit ), CORS-enabled endpoints (APIs), and formats for encoding a variety of geographic data structures (GeoJSON, shapefile).”

Datavized joins Virtualitics in trying to figure out how to use VR to present data in ways that help people find insights more quickly and easily. The two companies are approaching the problem in very different ways though. Virtualitics is focusing on very large data sets for enterprises mainly, while Datavized is focusing on WebVR to make the data universally accessible.

“We’re trying to make it as effortless as possible,” said CEO Hugh McGrory, adding that “we’re not building with the idea that VR replaces everything that came before.”

Datavized will be at the Data for Development Festival in England on March 21 showing its service, but if you want Beta Access you can request it right now at

“Datavized has been coded from the ground up for optimal performance across devices. We gave the same attention to the mobile web experience as we did to roomscale VR to allow users to move seamlessly from 2D to 3D, and doing this involved solving a series of technical challenges that would not have been possible using a game engine,” McGrory said in a prepared statement.

Below is a demo provided by Datavized showing VR/AR investment over the years, sourced from Crunchbase. You can enter VR from full-screen mode.

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