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Cybrix Turns Your Room Into Futuristic Passthrough Brick-Breaking Arena

Cybrix Turns Your Room Into Futuristic Passthrough Brick-Breaking Arena

Cybrix, a game from Hand Physics Lab studio Holonautic, received an update that adds support for passthrough mode, allowing your living room to become a futuristic brick-breaking arena.

Cybrix is available now through App Lab for $9.99 and looks to combine elements seen in games like Breakout, Pong or Blaston. Set in a futuristic squash court, you’ll bat balls towards columns of bricks, with power ups like laser shooters or multi-balls, to quickly clear approaching rows.

The game’s latest update adds passthrough support for endless mode, letting you place the arena in your own environment. We tried it out earlier today and were surprised at just how big the arena actually is — you’ll need a fair chunk of space if you want to be able to move around the entire thing.

That being said, it’s a great way to play the game and, similar to Blaston, makes you feel more comfortable and grounded when you’re extending out to the outer limits of your guardian.

You can see some footage in the tweet embedded below from Holonautic, highlighting the new feature.

We’re big fans of passthrough mode being implemented into Quest games and there have been some fantastic examples so far. One of the best is the aforementioned Blaston, which essentially revolutionizes the game’s level of comfort, allowing you to play and battle against your opponent in your real space, without concern of overextending beyond your boundary in moments of excitement.

Likewise, Cubism recently released its own passthrough update, allowing you to solve puzzles in your real environment and use a table or desk as a form of haptic feedback when playing in tabletop mode.

Cybrix is available now for Quest headsets through App Lab for $9.99. You can also read our review of Holonautic’s other Quest title, Hand Physics Lab, which we nominated for Most Innovative Design at last year’s Best of 2021 Awards.

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