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CurioPets Is Like An AR Tamagotchi That Encourages Exploration

CurioPets Is Like An AR Tamagotchi That Encourages Exploration

If you’re like me then you probably played Pokemon Go for a few weeks and stopped. A few months later, like me, you might have even deleted it off of your phone to make room for some more videos of your dog. That’s about where my affair with the game ended, despite the mass-hysteria it caused. When I was younger though I found myself obsessed with a very different type of pocket monster: the Tamagotchi. I even had a Buzz Lightyear-themed one I used to carry around with me everywhere that I went.

CurioPets aims to tap into that exact same Tamagotchi-shaped itch that a lot of people still have by marrying the location-based exploration elements of AR games like Pokemon Go with more pet-focused caretaking minigames, sort of like Nintendogs, or even the VR title RoVR.

“CurioPets is an Augmented Reality pet simulator game that encourages real world exploration,” said Nathan Kong, CEO and Foudner of CurioPets, in an email to UploadVR. “With CurioPets, our goal is to promote exploration as gamers travel with their virtual pets around the world. The features of the game include dressing, feeding, and playing with your pet, decorating your pet’s room, competing against your friends in mini games, collecting rare items, and discovering hidden treasure by exploring your surroundings.”

Players will reportedly even be able to form guilds with other players to try and hold control of territories, similar to gym battles in Pokemon Go. There will also be an included in-game messaging and friend system to make it easier to play with and meet up with other people. All of this is expected to be included in the iOS beta releasing later this month. Future updates include plans for more types of pets, branding with official real world sponsors, global raid-style events, and travel-company sponsored prizes for players to win.

You can find out more about the game on its official website and let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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