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Cubism Adds Level Editor To Make Puzzles In VR

Cubism Adds Level Editor To Make Puzzles In VR

Developer Thomas Van Bouwel added a level editor to his puzzle game Cubism.

You can check out the level editor now in the game on Quest or Steam. The editor is offline-only but puzzles can be saved as files saved to your hard drive on PC or locally on Quest. There’s instructions on how to do this on Cubism’s website. The editor works with with either controllers or hand tracking — and passthrough is supported on Quest as well — but given the technology’s limitation on current hardware it’s recommended you use controller tracking rather than hands.

Cubism debuted around two years ago and in our review we found it to “scratch that itch of being easy to understand but increasingly difficult to solve.”

“It was one of the first features I ever built for the game when I started working in it at first, because it was a good tool for me to design puzzles quickly,” Van Bouwel told UploadVR.

He said his initial tool was buggy and unintuitive, however, so he rebuilt it for public release.

“I am looking into maybe adding online puzzle sharing at some point,” Van Bouwel said. “But at first I wanna put this out there, see how people react to it, what people make with it, and then see what’s sort of the demand is for being able to share puzzles in the future.”


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