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Cubism To Receive DLC Levels, Playtesting Sign-Ups Now Available

Cubism To Receive DLC Levels, Playtesting Sign-Ups Now Available

Puzzle game Cubism will receive some new levels in an upcoming DLC pack, some of which are currently available for early playtesting.

The game’s official account announced on Twitter that DLC was in the works, while also gauging interest from players who might want to test the new levels before release.

The beta testing of new levels will run over the next few weeks, and anyone who is interested in giving some new levels a try can sign up here.

If you gain access to the new DLC test levels and already own Cubism, your copy should automatically switch over to the puzzle playtesting release channel. If not, you can manually select it by locating Cubism in your library on the Oculus app and clicking on the version number, which will let you switch between the current live release and the playtesting puzzles release channel.

That being said, you don’t need to own the game to sign up for playtesting. Even if you’re new to the game, the playtesting channel will grant you (temporary) access to the full game as well. If you haven’t tried Cubism yet and you’re on the fence, this is a great way to get a feel for the game before making the full purchase. Even better, anyone who helps test the new levels will receive a free code for the DLC when it releases.

The testing puzzles will run for a few weeks, changing every Friday. You can access them via the new Puzzle Playtesting button on the main menu.

Cubism is one of our favorite puzzle games on Quest — you can read our review and our impressions of the hand tracking update here. The game also recently received 120Hz support, making it one of the few games with 120Hz hand tracking support on Quest.

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