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Crouching Hotfix Released For The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Crouching Hotfix Released For The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Skydance Interactive posted an update on The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Steam page, detailing a new hotfix patch that addresses two issues players had after the game’s release last week. One of those changes is an alpha version of physical crouching, which was notably absent in the launch copy of the game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the early major releases of 2020 and impressing people with its gory kills, satisfying combat and immersive environment. However, as noted by David in our review of the title, you cannot physically crouch down toward the ground if you want to crouch in-game. If you do so, the in-game world moves with you to match your head. In order to crouch in the game, there is a mandatory button press that will crouch your in-game character down.

Many players were quite outspoken in their dislike of the button-press crouch system, and now Skydance responded with this hotfix patch. The patch adds the option for you to enable a physical crouch system, however, it is still in alpha for now and isn’t an in-game option. You’ll need to change some settings in your files to enable it.

To enable physical crouching, you need to edit your GameUserSettings.ini file for Saints & Sinners. If you installed your game on a standard Windows 10 C drive, that file can usually be found at:


If you can’t see your AppData folder, you can reveal or navigate to it by following guides online, like this one.

Once you’ve opened the file and are ready to edit it, you want to find the line that reads /Script/TWD.TWDGameUserSettings.

Then, directly below that line, insert a new line with bPhysicalCrouchEnabled=True.

Save the file and relaunch the game, and you should have the physical crouching alpha feature enabled. On the Steam page, Skydance made it clear that the feature is “an early Work-in-Progress and there are definitely some flaws,” but that the team is also looking for player feedback on the feature.

The hotfix patch also makes a global change that addresses the angle of handguns and pistols, along with ensuring two-handed grips on a one-handed gun will stay level. You can read the full patch notes, including some caveats and known bugs with the crouching system, over on Steam.

Have you tried to the physical crouching alpha feature in Saints & Sinners? How well does it work? Let us know in the comments.


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