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Creed: Rise To Glory Update Adds A Familiar Foe, Hand Tracking & More

Creed: Rise to Glory - Championship Edition sweet science update

Creed: Rise To Glory receives hand-tracking support, Quest 3 enhancements and a familiar adversary in a free update.

Over five years after its initial release, Creed: Rise To Glory continues receiving new updates after April's 'Championship Edition' introduced new content based on Creed III. Today, Survios announced Rise To Glory will now add Tommy “The Machine” Gunn, Rocky Balboa's main adversary from 1990's Rocky V.

Sweet Science also introduces enhanced fitness features. Personal calorie burn goals can now be set, using timed or calorie mode tracking based on your personal preferences. The update also promises UI refinements and "an improved calorie tracking algorithm for more accurate results."

On Quest, experimental hand tracking support lets you "throw punches, block, and navigate the game using their natural hand movements," though we have yet to test this new feature. This update also introduces Quest 3 enhancements as part of "a remarkable performance surge." When asked for more information, Survios did not confirm any specific details.

Creed: Rise To Glory - Championship Edition is out now on the Meta Quest platform and PSVR 2. The original version is also on PC VR. When asked about a potential Championship Edition or Sweet Science update on Steam, Survios told UploadVR, "there are no plans to release for the Steam edition."

This article, originally published on November 6, 2023 was updated on November 7, 2023 to include the response from Survios.

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