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Fight Aliens In Crashland For Oculus Quest, Now Available

Fight Aliens In Crashland For Oculus Quest, Now Available

Update: Crashland is out now on Oculus Quest for $20.

Original: Ever crashed on an unknown planet and had to fight off hostile alien creatures until help arrives? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing this Thursday when Crashland launches on Oculus Quest.

Announced out of the blue on Twitter yesterday, developer Llŷr ap Cenydd originally developed Crashland as a tech demo for the DK1. After a few other demos over the years for different devices, he shifted his focus towards developing Crashland as a full game for Oculus Quest.

The game will be a full release on the Oculus Store for Quest, as opposed to an App Lab or sideloaded release.

The game is described as a VR action-horror game, where you play as an “intergalactic gladiator” who has crash landed on an alien planet and has to fight to survive until help arrives. You’ll find yourself up against “hellworms in the desert, terror birds in the forest, scorpions in the mist and spiders in the dark.”

There are 24 missions in the game and 50 different creatures featured throughout — you can get a look at some of them in the trailer embedded above. According to a tweet from the game’s Twitter account, the trailer is “restrained” in how many creatures it shows and that the second half of the game should have some surprises in store.

As you run through missions, you’ll earn experience and be able to level up and unlock new perks, such as a teleport punch, slow motion, turrets and more.

Crashland releases February 25th for Oculus Quest, priced at $19.99. According to the game’s website, release on other VR platforms is to be confirmed.

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