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Cradle Of Sins Unites PC & VR Players For A Co-Op Adventure

Cradle Of Sins Unites PC & VR Players For A Co-Op Adventure

Following a temporary closure, Cradle of Sins re-opens playtesting on February 22, bringing this MOBA and co-op adventure game back to PC and VR.

A cross-platform multiplayer game that lets PC and VR users play alongside each other, Cradle of Sins was previously launched in Steam early access with two different game modes, MOBA and co-op adventure. However, it went offline last October, with developer U24 Solutions citing server issues and plans to migrate the game into Unreal Engine 5. Over three months later, a new playtest is planned for February 22, introducing two new gameplay modes. Here’s the full description:

Cradle of Sins is a PC & VR Cross-platform action-adventure game set in a comically dark world of weird and badass creatures. Gear up and invite your friends as these battles over the dominions of different Architects are ever-lasting. And choose carefully which clan you wish to serve an immersive competitive experience that’s different every time you play.

As for the new modes, ‘PvP Cave Mining Operation’ sees two teams competing to collect crystal energy, while ‘Bongo’ sees teams fight to survive for as long as possible within an endless tower, competing for leaderboard positions. U24 revealed further changes are planned in a second update, which they claim will improve these new modes and introduce “the long crafted game mode, Architect Campaign.”

Cradle of Sins doesn’t have a confirmed release date, though U24 states an announcement is coming soon. In the meantime, you can request access to the upcoming playtest via Steam.

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