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Crossfire: Sierra Squad Blasts Onto PSVR 2 August 29

Crossfire: Sierra Squad Blasts Onto PSVR 2 August 29

The developers of Crossfire: Sierra Squad revealed the release date for the upcoming shooter on PlayStation VR2 headsets.

The game from Smilegate is scheduled to debut on August 29.

The game's main features are outlined in a blog post covering the game's use of PSVR 2 hardware, including adaptive triggers, haptics, and foveated rendering. The post mentions Crossfire includes 13 main campaign missions in single player, 50 squad campaign missions for 2-player cooperative or single player, and a Horde Mode for up to 4 players.

We tried the game earlier this year and took note of its impressive arsenal. The game promises 39 types of weapons, including pistols, rifles and explosives. The game also includes 17 types of enemies to destroy, according to developers.

While the arsenal is impressive, Crossfire seemed to struggle with repetitive encounters and we'll be curious to see how it's shaped up since our demo. We'll dig into the game at length as soon as we can.

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