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Cosmonious High Reveals Among Us Crossover

Cosmonious High Reveals Among Us Crossover

Owlchemy Labs announced an unexpected crossover — when Cosmonious High launches this Thursday, it will feature the red crewmate from Among Us.

A new trailer accompanied the announcement, showing the Cosmonious High students discovering the red crewmate from Among Us floating in a mysterious vent.

One of the characters declares the red crewmate “a new student” and thus begins a montage of clips showing the crewmate in various different scenes and circumstances in the game.

Beyond what’s shown in the trailer, it’s unclear how heavily the cremate will feature, but it’s an unexpected yet amusing crossover that Owlchemy Labs have coordinated. That being said, Owlchemy also says that only “savvy players” will be able to find the crewmate in the game. It seems like it’ll be a little bonus part of the game then, and not part of the main campaign or anything.

Late last year, a VR version of Among Us was announced at The Game Awards for Quest, PSVR and PC VR, set to release sometime this year. This new VR version is being developed by Schell Games in collaboration with Robot Teddy and the original developer, Innersloth. A few weeks ago, we got a closer look at the map and some gameplay snippets as well.

Cosmonious High is the latest title from Owlchemy Labs, developers of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, set to release this Thursday, March 31 for Quest 2 and SteamVR. To find out more, you can read our exclusive interview with the developers here or check a video showcasing the player’s powers here.

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