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Down The Rabbit Hole Adds 120Hz On Quest, Dev Confirms New Game Coming

Down The Rabbit Hole Adds 120Hz On Quest, Dev Confirms New Game Coming

Cortopia Studios said that new game announcements are coming soon, alongside 120Hz support for Down the Rabbit Hole on Quest 2.

The news came from a press release celebrating the studio’s fifth anniversary. Cortopia is the team behind popular VR titles like Wands and Down the Rabbit Hole. The former released almost five years ago, initially just for Gear VR before making its way to Rift, PC VR, PSVR and Quest. Speaking on Cortopia’s anniversary, Head of Studio Ricky Helgesson said that Wands “was just the beginning for us,” and that the studio is “very excited about what’s next.”

Later on in the press release, Cortopia referenced some “exciting new game announcements coming in the near future.” The studio’s most recent release was 2020’s Down the Rabbit Hole, a VR puzzle game available on Quest, PSVR and PC VR that takes place in Lewis Carroll’s fantastical world of Wonderland. Cortopia confirmed that the Quest release of Down the Rabbit Hole will soon receive 120Hz support, joining Echo VR, Superhot, Eleven and more in the fairly exclusive 120Hz club on Quest 2.

We were big fans of Down the Rabbit Hole when it released last year. Here’s an extract from Jamie’s review.

Even Down The Rabbit Hole’s sheer existence seems like lunacy. It’s as strange a VR game you’ll find, one that refuses to be pegged down to any one demographic or tick any certain box. There might be a touch of tameness to some of its puzzles and the adventure is over a little too soon, but when the game tips its box of ideas upside down, magic usually falls out.

You can read the full review here.

Are you looking to heading down the rabbit hole in 120Hz? Or are you more keen for Cortopia’s next release? Let us know in the comments.


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