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Cooking Simulator VR Serves Up A 'Definitive Version' On PSVR 2

Cooking Simulator VR PSVR 2

Cooking Simulator VR will receive a "definitive version" tomorrow on PSVR 2.

Initially released in 2021, the PC VR version previously won Steam’s 2021 VR Game of the Year award. In our review, we called Cooking Simulator VR a “frantic celebration of VR realism and chaos,” one that mixes authentic cooking for 80 different recipes with slapstick humor across the career and sandbox modes.

On PlayStation Blog, developer Gameboom VR calls this "the definitive version" thanks to its new PSVR 2 enhancements. Playable at native 120fps without reprojection, Cooking Simulator VR uses 2000×2040 resolution per eye with additional support from Foveated Rendering. Haptic headset feedback is also supported.

Cooking Simulator VR arrives on PSVR 2 on December 15. Elsewhere, it's available now on Steam and Quest.

Cooking Simulator VR Review: A Frantic Celebration Of VR Realism And Chaos
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Cooking Simulator VR is a great showcase of VR interactivity that can be absolutely hilarious. More in our Cooking Simulator VR review. Okay, stop right there. You don’t need to say the obvious thing here. Y’know, the one about why

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