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Community Download: Which SDCC VR Experience Has You Most Excited?

Community Download: Which SDCC VR Experience Has You Most Excited?

2016 is a weird year so far. And by weird I mean I now walk with my Bible under my arm in case the sky cracks open and the rapture suddenly begins.

Think about it: celebrities are dropping left and right, Donald Trump is a viable candidate for President of The United States, and — perhaps most unsettling of all — Cleveland won a national sports championship. CLEVELAND.

In this sea of chaos there is one bright light of hope: San Diego Comic-Con. Year in and year out, no matter what is happening outside of its smelly, over-crowded halls, this last bastion of true nerddom stands as an unyielding force for fun against the unrelenting winds of change (that’s right, I went to college).

Since 2016 may be the last year we get without having to sacrifice half of our crops to Cthulhu, we here at Upload thought it would be good to have a little community discussion about VR and SDCC. To that end welcome to our new Friday column: Community Download.

The Issue on The Table

This year’s Comic-Con is hitting VR hard with some truly unique experiences, teases, and other intriguing immersive activations. We want to hear from you, our beloved readers, concerning which of these little beauties set your heart racing.

Feel free to mention any and all VR experiences in the comments down below, along with an explanation of why you think it deserves best-in-show, but here are a few high profile offerings for your consideration:

Mr. Robot


The Mr. Robot VR experience was truly one of a kind. Broadcast only briefly on Thursday afternoon, this was a “catch it now or miss it forever” kind of moment. VR doesn’t have many of those and even though the experience is now becoming more readily available, it was still one of SDCC’s most unique and memorable moments — VR or otherwise.

American Horror Story 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 5.01.36 PM

The American Horror Story VR experience, while not as hyped as some of the others at the show, is still significant in its own right. Besides being creepy and unsettling in the best possible way, this experience also offered some real clues as to the hit-show’s upcoming seventh season. It’s encouraging to see major media properties using VR to push their heavy hitters, and for that alone this experience deserves some attention.


incorporated syfy

Incorporated is a mysterious new show coming to SyFy from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (also known as the Boston BFFs). The show is a documentary — i mean fantasy — series takes viewers into a not-too-distant future that is ruled by corporations rather than governments. Incorporated‘s VR experience is known as Welcome To The Quiet Room and is one of the few Comic-Con immersive offerings to run on an HTC Vive rather than the Gear VR. The series itself sounds disturbingly entertaining, and this little immersive slice is more than worth a mention as well.

Do any of these three deserve the title of “Best VR Experience at SDCC 2016?” If you think so, tell us which one and why in the comments below. If you don’t think so, you can go ahead and start a club with my dad for people who I disappoint on the regular (and also write in your choice for a winner in the comments as well).

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