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CoasterMania Launches Today On Quest

CoasterMania, a sandbox rollercoaster VR experience, launches today on Meta Quest headsets via App Lab.

A cross between traditional rollercoaster games and sandbox builders, CoasterMania sees you creating physics-based courses before directly riding them. Featuring a terrain editor and environmental decorations, courses can be shared across the online community. A mixed-reality passthrough mode lets you create rollercoasters around your home, while a puzzle mode update is also planned. You can read the official description below:

CoasterMania is a physics-based VR rollercoaster game where you create, ride, and share the roller coaster of your dreams! Use wacky contraptions and elements to fly through the sky, then experience your creation by jumping in the front seat. Once you’re done, you can then upload your coaster or experience community-made rides in online sharing.

Back in January, we interviewed solo developer Stephen Rogers, whose previous credits includes Brushwork. Asked about his inspirations, Rogers informed us that he wanted to give players “an infinite amount of replayability,” stating that “the vast majority [of rollercoaster simulators] don’t allow you to create anything.” You can check out our full CoasterMania interview for more details.

CoasterMania is out now on Meta Quest platform via App Lab for $9.99.

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