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Coaster Combat Coming To Oculus Quest This Summer

Coaster Combat Coming To Oculus Quest This Summer

Coaster Combat, originally released on the Oculus Go and Gear VR, puts an action spin on your basic roller coaster game and will be speeding its way onto the Oculus Quest this summer.

Announced on Twitter, the game is a roller coaster simulator with a combat twist, developed by Force Field Entertainment and published by Oculus Studios.

Coaster Combat actually appeared on our list of 30 best must-download Oculus Go games and apps last year. Here’s what David had to say:

“I’ll be one of the first people to tell you to stay away from VR coasters, but Coaster Combat is an exception. Not only are the tracks beautifully rendered with exciting twists and turns, but you’re also tasked with shooting orbs for points and taking out enemies along the way to keep things interesting. Each track is procedurally generated based on a defined theme, so you’ll never have the same coaster twice.”

Being an Oculus Quest title, Coaster Combat should now support full 6DoF tracking, which will definitely make the combat sections a bit more fun and the likelihood of getting sick a bit lower.  In fact, the Quest teaser trailer does show the player holding two weapons, one in each hand, which wasn’t possible in the old Go and Gear VR versions of the game.

We’ve got no further details on the Oculus Quest port besides the announcement and the teaser trailer, embedded in the tweet above. If you want to see some more footage of the game on other platforms, you can check out this old teaser trailer from 2017 which shows off the different styles of levels. We’re not sure if the Quest version will just be a straight-up port or include some new content, but it would be great to some new themes chucked into the mix.

Will you be picking up Coaster Combat? Let us know in the comments.

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