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Co-Op Shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin Coming To Quest 2 This Year

Co-Op Shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin Coming To Quest 2 This Year

A new co-op survival shooter, Drop Dead: The Cabin, is coming to Quest 2 later this year.

Indie development studio Soul Assembly announced Drop Dead: The Cabin last week. It’s a new installment in the Drop Dead series, following on from the original and the Dual Strike release that overhauled the game and added support for co-op play.

The Cabin will be an all new release that sees you play as backpackers who get lost in the woods, finding solitude in an abandoned cabin. However, not everything is as it seems — you’ll soon be defending the cabin from a plethora of undead zombies.

Here’s what to expect, according to Soul Assembly:

In order to survive the night and make your escape, you’ll have to not only fight off the legion of the dead but also strive to maintain power, lighting and communications systems in and around the cabin. Fail to keep the power generator repaired and topped up with fuel, the lights will turn off, making the zombies deadlier and harder to see. Teamwork is essential, and an effective fireteam will know when to stay together, when to split up, and when to have one person perch on the cabin roof offering support fire for their partner.

Soul Assembly describes the combat as “fast, frenetic and dynamic” with “a physics-based interaction model and advanced haptics.” In terms of weapons, you’ll be able to use a range of guns with some melee options, such as a baseball bat. You can view some gameplay in the trailer above, which gives a sense of the direction for this new Drop Dead entry.

Soul Assembly are planning on running a beta soon, and players are able to register interest by joining the Discord server here.

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