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Edit VR Video Without Removing Your Headset With Adobe's CloverVR

Edit VR Video Without Removing Your Headset With Adobe's CloverVR

Adobe is a software mainstay that serves as the foundation of a lot of creative and business ventures and developments, so it’s no surprise they’ve been quickly getting their foot in the door when it comes to virtual reality. We previously reported on the introduction of VR features to Creative Cloud in April and the efforts to improve the workflow in September. Now, we have a new addition to Adobe’s VR initiative: CloverVR. Diorama reported on the new feature along with a couple others that were demoed at the annual Adobe MAX event.

Held in Europe, North America, and Japan, Adobe MAX is an event focused on new and upcoming projects that will influence the computer design and development industries. During the keynote focused on Creative Cloud, co-hosted by comedian and filmmaker Jordan Peele, we were introduced to a new way to edit with CloverVR. As is, editing virtual video can be a bit cumbersome with newcomers and professionals alike. You can edit in 2D and throw on your headset to occasionally check progress and see if your desired effect works out, but going back and forth limits productivity significantly. CloverVR is a means to alleviate this, allowing you to edit your work with your headset on. It also introduces a scene rotation tool so filmmakers can make sure that the focal point of the action in a new scene is where you need to be when cutting to another shot.

The next few years of MAX will likely see more and more VR and AR as the industries grow, maybe even leading a keynote segment devoted entirely to those businesses. Until then, you can watch the event’s keynotes from this year, from creative cloud to photography, here.

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