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Freestyle Expansion Pack Coming To The Climb 2 Tomorrow In Free Update

Freestyle Expansion Pack Coming To The Climb 2 Tomorrow In Free Update

At the Oculus Gaming Showcase today, Crytek announced the Freestyle Expansion Pack for The Climb 2. The pack will release in two parts, starting with a free update tomorrow.

The Freestyle Expansion Pack will add a whopping 12 new levels to the game, split over two separate parts. The first part, with six of those new levels, will be available in a free update for the game that launches tomorrow. The new levels will have both casual and professional modes, but there’s not any checkpoints throughout them. Additionally, you can get bonus points for completing them without using any chalk.

That’s not all though — Crytek also said that a new “rhythm-based climbing” mechanic is dropping as part of the update. “You’ll see disappearing grips along your route, requiring you to learn the grip patterns to the beat of a background track to progress through.” We’re unsure if this new mode applies to just the new expansion pack or all existing levels, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

The Climb 2 launched early last month after being advertised and announced alongside the Quest 2 launch mid-2020. Here’s a snippet of our review:

The Climb 2 is held back visually by its target platform, but it more than makes up for it with some thrilling climbs, incredible vistas, and excellent new game mechanics to really help keep you grounded. I don’t have a fear of heights or anything like that, but I absolutely did feel my stomach fall in fear when peeking out over the ledge a few times. It may not be as pretty as it could be with some poor texture quality here and there, but my arms are sore and I had a blast so it’s hard to say that affected my experience all that much overall.

You can read the rest of our review here.

The first part of the Freestyle Expansion Pack for The Climb 2 launches tomorrow.

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