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CitraVR Emulator Gets 'New 3DS' Performance Update On Quest

CitraVR Emulator Gets 'New 3DS' Performance Update On Quest

CitraVR adds a "New 3DS" performance toggle to the emulator on Quest.

Following last month's launch, CitraVR, an open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator adapted for Quest by Air Link creator Amanda Watson, received a new update. Dubbed v0.4.0, Watson states this adds "about four months of changes from Citra mainline," including a New 3DS toggle to improve performance on some games. For the unfamiliar, that's based on the handheld console's mid-generation upgrade which added improved processors and increased RAM.

Other notable additions to CitraVR include a new UI, dark theme and an in-VR system keyboard. Faster library loading is promised that will benefit Quest 2 users, and v0.4.0 adjusts input binding support for gamepads. Further performance tweaks like audio stretching are also mentioned alongside other fixes. Watson also notes "this change will reset all user settings to defaults the first time it launches."

CitraVR v0.4.0 is available now on SideQuest and GitHub. For more details on installing CitraVR check out our previous guide below:

How To Install CitraVR To Play Nintendo 3DS On Quest
CitraVR is available now for Quest headsets and these instructions can help you get it installed via sideloading.

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