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Metro & Traffic Routing Update Drops On June 9 For Cities: VR

Metro & Traffic Routing Update Drops On June 9 For Cities: VR

The first major content update for Cities: VR will arrive on June 9.

Fast Travel Games have committed to pushing new content and frequent updates for Cities: VR post-launch, and the Metro & Traffic Routing update will be the first big drop, as announced last month.

We knew the update was targeting June already, but now there’s a solid release date early in the month. Further details on exact content are slim, with a tweet from the Cities: VR account simply mentioning that the update “allows your citizens to travel over & underground while also providing mayors with improved tools to direct the flow of traffic!”

We’ve also got the key art, in the embedded tweet above, but that’s it. The metro will be a nice addition to the game’s limited public transport options, but it’s yet to be seen what the new traffic options will entail.

Cities: VR released last month and while we admired its attempt to bring as much of the original Cities: Skylines experience over to VR, we ultimately felt it fell short of its lofty ambitions:

Cities: VR is a confusing release that feels a tad aimless and unfinished. It does successfully bring most of the core Skylines elements over to VR with some of that 3D novelty intact, and the breadth of customization options available is a real strength. But it doesn’t feel as satisfying to play in VR as it should. In fact, there’s nothing that this version does better than the original.

There are still some positives to be had from the experience, but overall it’ll likely be a mixed bag for most players. You can read more in our review, and also read about some post-launch changes addressing key issues that arrived a few weeks ago here.

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