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Cities VR Update Improves Tutorial, Controls & More

Cities VR Update Improves Tutorial, Controls & More

The first post-launch Cities VR patch dropped yesterday, addressing several issues that emerged at launch two weeks ago.

The patch doesn’t include any new content, but instead makes changes, fixes and adjustments to various areas of the game to improve the overall experience.

Most notably, the tutorial has been expanded and restructured with new steps and improved text and images. There’s also now a save reminder, which will pop up if you haven’t saved your game in the last 10 minutes. Exiting to the main menu will also prompt you to save as well, ensuring players don’t lose progress accidentally.

The patch also addresses the darkness of the night cycle across all maps, brightening up the darkest points of the nights for further visibility. Plus, you can now turn off the day/night cycle when starting a new map, if you so wish.

In the release version, tunnels weren’t cutting through terrain properly — something I noticed myself, while playing for review — but this has now been fixed. There’s also some changes to the controls, with the bulldoze button moving from Y to X. Helpfully, the Y button will now be used as a back button for navigating menus, in addition to the existing B button option on the right controller.

There’s a handful of other minor fixes as well — you can read the full patch notes here.

We weren’t the biggest fans of Cities VR in our review a few weeks ago. While it does bring the core Skylines experience over to VR, it doesn’t feel as satisfying to play as it should and really misses the mark with its visuals. You can read our full review here.

cities vr metro traffic

On Reddit, the developers also teased a content update coming in June — the “Metro and Traffic Routing Update”, for which you can see some key art embedded above.

Cities VR is available now for Quest 2.

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