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Experience A Scary VR Retelling Of A Christmas Carol In 'Chained: A Victorian Nightmare'

Experience A Scary VR Retelling Of A Christmas Carol In 'Chained: A Victorian Nightmare'

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare will let you experience a scary retelling of Charles Dickens’ iconic tale, A Christmas Carol, in VR.

Developed by MWM Interactive, Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is available on Steam now.

The experience is described as a “haunting VR adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol that puts you at the center of the story. It’s time to disbelieve your senses. Sit back and prepare to confront your past, present and future, in this bone-chilling journey of self-discovery.”

The trailer, set to a haunting rendition of ‘Silent Night’, looks absolutely terrifying. It is clear that this retelling of a Christmas classic is definitely not for the faint of heart. Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is a seated experience and described on the Steam store page as “immersive VR theatre”, so maybe don’t expect too much in terms of interactivity or traditional game elements either.

The Steam page lists the Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as supported platforms. The project is price only around $5 too, so maybe it is worth a shot if you’re a fan of Dickens’ tale or immersive horror VR experiences. The project might also work as a way to spook some family members while demoing VR over the holidays.

Will you or your family be trying out Chained: A Victorian Nightmare this holiday season? Or have you got some other spooky VR experiences to try out with the family before Christmas? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried it out.

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