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CES 2020 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed

CES 2020 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed

As always, we’re starting off the new year with CES 2020 (official website) week, which has traditionally been one of the biggest weeks of the year for VR and AR. It’s certainly been a little quieter so far this year, but there’s still a wealth of stories coming out each day, along with our own hands-on impressions coming straight from the show floor.

Over the next few days, we’ll be collecting everything into this one post so you can easily find all the content at the end of each day. We’re including every news post, along with related analysis, editorials and hands-on pieces. We’ll try and update this post by the end of each day, but if you want updates as they come, be sure to check out the UploadVR homepage or go directly to the CES 2020 Coverage Hub.

Here are all the VR and AR stories we covered from CES 2020.


haptx vr gloves image

Friday, January 10th

CES 2020 Best Of Show and People’s Choice Awards

CES 2020 News Roundup Video and Quest Game Giveaway | VRecap

CES 2020: HaptX Gloves Realistic Touch Sensations | Interview & Impressions

CES 2020: Spatial VR/AR Cross-Device Multi-User Communication Platform Interview & Impressions

HTC Cuts Vive Pro Price, Base Headset Now Cheaper Than Cosmos


panasonic vr glasses ian hamilton hands on demo uploadvr

Thursday, January 9th

CES 2020 Hands-On: Panasonic ‘VR Eyeglasses’ Tease An Intriguing Vision In Need Of A Platform

CES 2020: Panasonic VR Glasses IPD Slider Video

CES 2020 News Recap in The VR Download Virtual Studio

CES 2020: Looking Glass Factory Glasses-Free 3D Effects


Wednesday, January 8th

CES 2020: XTAL Enterprise Headset Updated With Dual 4K Panels, Foveated Rendering, $8K Price, And More


panasonic vr goggles close up ces

Image Credit: @Watarun111 on Twitter

Tuesday, January 7th

CES 2020: Nreal AR Glasses Video Preview

CES 2020: This Conceptual Toilet Lets You VR While You Poop

PSVR Sales Analysis: 5 Million Is A Big Milestone, But Sales Are Naturally Slumping

CES 2020: Artisan Is A Lower Cost Pimax Headset With 140° Field Of View

CES 2020: Pimax Announces 180Hz ‘5K SUPER’ Headset

CES 2020: Panasonic Showcases Ultra-Compact VR Goggles, But Details Are Light


PSVR Sales Update

Monday, January 6th

CES 2020: V.I.Pee VR Toilet From Charmin

CES 2020: NVIDIA Increases VR Sharpness For RTX Cards With Variable Rate Supersampling

HTC Skipping CES, To Share ‘New Vision For Vive’ Soon

How To Enable NVIDIA VRSS On RTX Cards For Sharper VR Quality In Supported Games

CES 2020: PSVR Sales Surpass 5 Million Units, PS5 Logo Revealed

CES 2020: Samsung Casually Shows Off AR Glasses In Exercise Demo

CES 2020: Nreal’s AR Glasses Promise To Pin Android Apps In Your Room


pico neo 2

Sunday, January 5th

CES 2020: Pico Neo 2 Pricing Revealed Alongside New Eye Tracking Model

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