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CES 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed

CES 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed

Now that the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing it can be tough to keep track of everything. Each day is jam-packed full of announcements across a wide range of industries and as we get the time to go hands-on with everything we’ve got impressions and news stories coming out extremely quickly.

As a result, collecting everything in one place is super handy! You can let this article serve as your one-stop shop for links to everything we’ve written about CES 2018 to date. We’ll try to keep it updated within 24 hours of a story posting, but you should check the CES tag or the UploadVR homepage for real-time updates on all current CES stories.

Now let’s get to all of the latest VR and AR stories from CES 2018!

Friday, January 12th

CES 2018: The 5 Biggest VR Tech Updates

Hands-On With The 6DOF Standalone Pico Neo Headset

Thursday, January 11th

Watch Our Recap Livestream From Las Vegas Right Here!

Hands-On With The Ultra-Wide Pimax 8K VR Headset

Contact CI’s Maestro VR Haptic Glove Let Me Actually Feel Virtual Objects

WWE Is Coming To A Headset Near You Via NextVR

Google And YI’s VR180 Camera Offers 5.7K Resolution

It Looks Like Vive Pro Already Has FCC Approval

Wednesday, January 10th

Half-Hour Long Livestream From The Show Floor

HTC Pulled Out All The Stops For This Amazing VR Tech Demo

Budget Cuts Is Nearly Finished

This Hilarious ‘Beby’ Points To The Future Of Affordable Performance Capture

Tuesday, January 9th

Hands-On With Vive Pro And Its Megapixel Upgrade

Hands-On: The Official Vive Wireless Adapter Gives A Great First Impression

Hands-On With The New TPCast Plus Wireless Adapter

uSensAR Wants To Bring AR To Billions Of Android Devices

Lenovo’s VR180 Mirage Camera Starts Under $300

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo Standalone Daydream Headset Starts Under $400

Blade Runner: Revelations Is An All-New VR Adventure Game

Monday, January 8th

HTC Vive Reveals New 3K VR Headset Vive Pro

HTC Announces Official Wireless Vive Add-On With Intel

HTC’s Viveport Is Getting A VR Makeover

First HTC Vive Pro Images Revealed

Here’s Valve’s Second Generation Base Station

Oculus Partners With Xiaomi, Keeps Oculus Store Out Of China

Arizona Sunshine Bringing Zombie Apocalypse To Location-Based VR

Side-by-Side Comparison Of Standard HTC Vive And Vive Pro

Hands-On With Sansar’s Ready Player One VR Experience

TPCast Announces Updated Plus Models, Mixed Reality Reference Design

Tactical Haptics Shows New Reconfigurable Controllers

NextVR Is Adding Full Movement Freedom To Its Broadcasts

Wireless VR and Haptics To Push VR Forward

Peraso Announces A Wireless VR Reference Design For PC Headsets

TPCast Announces Updated Plus Models, Mixed Reality Reference Design

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