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CES 2017 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed (Updated)

CES 2017 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed (Updated)

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV is traditionally one of the largest tech events of the entire year and CES 2017 is no different. Many of the biggest companies on the planet, from Samsung and HTC, to Facebook, Amazon, and Google, and even all the way to Ford, Mercedez, and countless startups, all gather in the desert at the start of the year to unveil the latest and greatest advancements in consumer electronics. There’s also usually a heavy dose of vaporware and eventually broken promises.

With so much happening and the news coming in so quickly, it’s easy to miss stories. At UploadVR we’re dedicated to addressing the VR and AR industries as thoroughly as we can, which often means a torrential downpour of coverage. It’s hard to keep up with.

So at the beginning and end of each day of CES (starting today) we will update this article with links to all of our CES news and headlines. For the full scoop, you’ll have to click through to the specific story of course because we don’t want this article ballooning to several thousand words that you may not care about. Consider this to be your consistently updated one-stop shop for all of the news from CES 2017 so far.

This story will be updated and republished as needed in order of most recent date first. All of Friday’s CES news is added down below!


Friday, January 6th

CES is now officially in full swing in Vegas, but the big news and announcements have all mostly happened at this point. We’ll be spending our time doing interviews, getting hands-on with some of the newest devices, and checking out all there is to see at the convention.

Intel’s ‘Merged Reality’ Demo Brings Actual Hands Into VR on Oculus Rift [Link]

Zombie Hunters Rejoice! ‘Arizona Sunshine’ to Receive Long-Awaited Full Locomotion Update [Link]

Mobile Room-Scale VR ‘Fully Doable’ With Vive Tracker Says Dev [Link]

Hands-On: KwikVR Wireless Kit For Rift and Vive Releases in March for Around $300 — Save Your Cash [Link]

SketchAR Lets You Trace Over AR Images To Become The Artist You’ve Aspired To Be [Link]

Dr. Oz is Using VR to Create The ‘Google Maps’ of the Human Body [Link]

‘Mindshow’ CEO: VR Lets Animators Do What ‘Would Have Cost Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars’ Before [Link]




Thursday, January 5th 

The actual show starts on this day and more news is underway. There’s a set of boots that enable you to feel the digital worlds you’re walking through and a candle that lets you smell blood while playing Resident Evil 7. The biggest story of the day was our full hands-on demo of the Intel Project Alloy merged reality headset.

This HoloLamp Projector Lets You See AR Holograms Without Using Glasses [Link]

The Taclim VR Boots Want You To Kick The Future In The Face [Link]

Indulge Your Sense Of Smell With An ‘Old Timber And Blood’ Scented ‘Resident Evil 7’ 4D VR Candle [Link]

Lumus Showed Off New AR Glasses With 55-Degree Field Of View [Link]

‘Monkey King’ is a New Cinematic VR Series from Digital Domain [Link]

The Pico Neo CV Is A Fully Untethered, Positionally Tracked VR Headset [Link]

Dell Precision 7720 Is A VR-Ready Mobile Workstation Using Nvidia Quardo GPUs [Link]

Hands-On at CES With Intel’s Project Alloy Standalone VR Headset [Link]

New ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Las Vegas-Themed Game Mode ‘Undead Valley’ Coming in Feb [Link]

Forget 4K — The Insta360 Pro Is An 8K 360-Degree VR Camera [Link]

Nyko Unveils PS VR and HTC Vive Charging Docks and Other Accessories at CES [Link]

CyberPowerPC Introduces New PCs Including A Line Of VR-Ready Laptops [Link]


Wednesday, January 4th

This is when the real downpour started — and the official date for CES isn’t even until the following day! The ASUS ZenFone AR is both Tango and Daydream ready, Lenovo showed a new Project Alloy demo, and the cherry on top was the debut of the Vive Tracker for new accessories and the upcoming Deluxe Audio Strap.

‘HOLO CUBE’ Lets You Hold And Play With AR In The Palm Of Your Hand [Link]

Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0 Costs $599, Starts Shipping January 2017 [Link]

Vuze Is An $800 VR Camera Releasing In March With 3D Audio Support [Link]

Ricoh Unveils The First Camera Capable of 360-Degree Recording and Livestreaming For 24hrs [Link]

Dell Unveils Inspiron 15 Gaming Notebook And Premium Alienware Hardware For VR [Link]

We Visited The First Oculus-Powered Bar In Las Vegas [Link]

Audeze and JBL Unveil Headphone Solutions Specifically Developed for VR [Link]

ASUS Officially Unveils The ZenFone AR, The First Daydream and Tango Ready Smartphone [Link]

Gap And Google Just Showed Us How AR Shopping Will Work [Link]

Samsung Confirms 5 Million Gear VR Mobile Headsets Sold To Date [Link]

Intel’s CES 2017 Press Conference Put The Audience Inside VR [Link]

HTC Announces Subscription Plan For Viveport [Link]

HTC Vive Integrates Audio With New Deluxe Headstrap Similar To Rift’s [Link]

HTC Announces Vive Tracker to Power Next Generation VR Accessories [Link]

AMD Debuts Extreme Performance PCs Powered By Their New Ryzen Processor [Link]

Project Alloy Debuts Multiplayer Merged Reality Gaming, Shipping in Q4 2017 [Link]


Tuesday, January 3rd

Even thought this was two days before CES 2017 “officially” starts, we were already seeing a flood of news and announcements. Lenovo’s holographic VR headset is set to make a debut this week and new glasses, cameras, and more are on the horizon. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor is one of the main highlights, emerging with powerful specs for mobile VR devices.

Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset Debuts At CES [Link]

Asus’ $799 VivoPC X Is A Compact VR Ready PC That’s Prepped To Go [Link]

3DRudder Wireless Is A Cross-Platform Foot Controller That Lets You Move In VR [Link]

Tactai Gets In Touch With Ericsson For AR and VR ‘Dynamic Tactile Wave’ Tech [Link]

Hubblo Announces 360-Degree VR Camera That Makes Streaming 4K In 3D Portable [Link]

ODG Debuts Two New AR Glasses Aimed At Consumer Market [Link]

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Processor Aims To Supercharge Mobile VR And AR [Link]

Faraday Future Used VR To Design Their Flagship “Fully Connected” Car [Link]


Pre-CES News and Announcements

Before the show even started, we learned about a lot of what to expect. Wireless accessories will be on display, analysts and Upload staff alike are making full predictions, and there will actually be a large amount of content — not just hardware — on the show floor to see.

Upload’s CES 2017 Predictions [Link]

Upload’s CES 2017 Party Details [Link]

Wireless Rift and Vive Add-On KwikVR Set To Debut At CES [Link]

Accenture’s Top 5 Predictions For What Will Be Hot At CES 2017 [Link]

Pimax to Unveil 4K Per Eye, 200-degree Field of View VR Headset at CES 2017 [Link]

Here Are 23 Of The 30+ Experiences Vive Is Showing At CES [Link]

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