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CCP's EVE: Gunjack to launch with Gear VR this fall

CCP's EVE: Gunjack to launch with Gear VR this fall

The enormous Gamescom gaming conference is starting later this week in Germany but the maker of highly anticipated Rift title EVE: Valkyrie isn’t waiting to break big VR news. Iceland-based CCP Games announced it will ship turret space-fighter EVE: Gunjack “this fall with the launch of the Samsung Gear VR.”  Confirming what we have been told since Oculus CTO John Carmack’s keynote at GDC, we will see the full consumer version of the Gear VR this fall.

Check out the reveal trailer:

The single-player game will be compatible with all Gear VR headsets and, though it won’t be free, CCP isn’t talking about price yet. Unlike Valkyrie, you don’t control where the ship goes in Gunjack. You use your gaze to aim a defense turret on a mining vessel in deep space and you can use either the touchpad on the side of the Gear VR or a gamepad for controls,  though it was designed to use just the touchpad, according to CCP. Gunjack was developed by a completely different team from Valkyrie. While the Valkyrie team is “just under 30 people,” Gunjack was made in the Unreal Engine by a team of less than 10 from CCP’s Shanghai studio. The project was previously known as Nemesis, shown at EVE’s fan festival in April.

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“Jack into your turret, power up your guns, and defend your mining platform from deadly waves of enemy ships determined to blast you and your crew into oblivion,” the game’s description says.

While you can move in a complete circle in 360 degrees, there’s nothing to shoot directly behind the turret. Levels in the game should take about five to 10 minutes to finish, “depending on skill level,” according to the company. It gets harder as you go.

“We believe that virtual reality will be a defining element of gaming’s future. It may take some time to get widespread adoption, but we’re going to be there on day one,” Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP, said in a prepared statement. “We’re making smart investments in VR so we can learn important lessons early and blow people’s minds when they get their hands on their first VR headset.”

Check out screenshots below:



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