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Become A Cat On A Sushi Restaurant Spaceship In Ganbatte

Become A Cat On A Sushi Restaurant Spaceship In Ganbatte

Tired of shooting galleries? Ready for something different? Check out Ganbatte by Mimicry. Inspired by Sushi-Go-Round, a mini-game featured in 1999’s Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64, Ganbatte is a multi-player Steam VR game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Players will assume the role of a cat aboard a sushi restaurant spaceship. The goal is simply to eat more sushi than everyone else. More expensive items are worth more points. The lowly thin maki is worth one point and its fat cousin worth two. The roe-topped gunkan (battleship) will earn five, and sashimi will get you ten. It sounds simple, but as Mimicry’s Tomas Papa put it in a post on the game’s dev blog, “…we’re focusing our energy on one core game mechanic, making sure it plays and feels absolutely right.”

You’ll be able to communicate with other fish-focused felines via voice chat and pre-set facial expressions. “Ganbatte is…about expression and communication. We want to give players the tools to enhance the social experience of the game,” said Pedro Oliveira, an artist at Mimicry in a press-release announcing the game.

Ganbatte is a Japanese expression that literally means “Do your best.” It’s often used to cheer people on and in situations where English speakers would say, “good luck.”

We’ll get our first look the Ganbatte in the final quarter of this year when it enters early access.

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