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CarX Rally VR Brings The Mobile Racer To Quest

CarX Rally VC

An App Lab listing confirms CarX Rally is heading to VR, bringing the mobile racing game to Quest.

Previously released on iOS and Android, CarX Rally comes from Russian developer CarX Technologies. With no mention on the developer's social media or official website, this VR port has leaked through an App Lab listing. As evidenced by the trailer, driving doesn't exclusively use a cockpit camera like GRID Legends, letting you race from a third-person view.


Support is listed for the entire Meta Quest platform, including Quest 1, but it's unclear whether that would be true of a full release and there's little else we can glean regarding VR-specific changes with the listing's description directly copied from the mobile versions, promising realistic physics and damage, 35 racing tournaments and a "wide variety" of cars.

A release window remains unknown for CarX Rally VR, and we'll update this article if we learn anything more.

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